Fulcrum’ Interactive’s Mobile Matradee®, restaurant guest waitlist and text notification application has been serving the restaurant industry since April 2009. Mobile Matradee® pioneered the wireless (cellular) digital waitlist and SMS text pager platform. The first cell phone guest pager system to be adopted by national restaurant chains, Dave & Busters, Inc., an up and coming national restaurant and entertainment concept and Top Golf USA, a restaurant and sports entertainment start-up, is a testament to the performance and reliability of Mobile Matradee.

Mobile Matradee a Restaurant Waitlist and Text Pager App

A Decade of Service at Top Golf USA

Top Golf USA Venue

Mobile Matradee®, has been serving the restaurant and entertainment industry since April 2009. Mobile Matradee® will queue more than 30,000 customers this year for Top Golf USA, an international restaurant and golf entertainment chain. As a start-up in 2009, Top Golf USA, selected Mobile Matradee, the only guest waitlist pager systems that could effectively reach customers across there 40,000 sq. foot venues, as there guest waitlist and notification solution.
In 2015, Top Golf USA developed and integrated there their own guest waitlist notification system into there new venue guest management and gaming software. However, at Top Golf’s legacy venues, Mobile Matradee® 3.0 continues to serve over 30,000 guests a year.