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Mobile Matradee Solutions

obile Matradee the Restaurant Guest Text Pager System Solution 
A 3 in 1 Solution – A Wait List / A Reservation system / Text Marketing Loyalty Program

Mobile Matradee allows restaurants to easily send their customers a text message or a voice message to their cell phone when their table is ready.

Mobile Matradee™offers Wait List Matradee™ and Reservation Matrdee™ along with Mobile VIP™ Text Club our integrated SMS mobile marketing solutions. The Mobile Matradee suite includes SMS and voice notification, digital wait list or reservation system as well as a robust reporting system. An optional add-on includes Mobile VIP Text Club™ an SMS marketing system with a 20% response rate.

Wait List Matradee™
Would like to save on the costs and hassle of replacing your coaster pagers? Wait List Matradee™ is your solution. Wait List Matradee™ replaces the tacky coaster pager with the guest cell phone. No need to spend money on replacing coasters as they walk out your door. Guest appreciate the flexibility and cleanliness the Mobile Matradee™ solutions offers them. If you still have coaster pagers not problem, Mobile Matradee™ can easily integrated your remaining coaster pagers into our wait list system. Send a voice or text messages informing your guests when their table is ready along with the daily special. Wait List Matradee manages both walk-ins and call-a-heads seamlessly. Your host staff will love it too! What are you waiting for?

Reservation Matradee™
Looking for an effective way to track and confirm your reservations? With Reservation Matradee™ you can simply send a text or voice confirmation to your reservation list requesting confirmation. No more guessing who’s coming to dinner. Reservation Matradee™ comes with a digital reservation systems that’s easy to use and interface with Mobile Matadee’s™ voice and SMS notification system. Manage both reservations and walk-ins easily with Reservation Matradee™. It’s that simple and affordable.

Reservation Matradee is a cost effective alternative to expensive server based restaurant reservation systems and Open Table. Reservation Matradee can input reservations on onsite or via your own reservation web portal, including an easy to use reservation management interface and report functions.

Why it Works So Well
8.5 out 10 people have a restaurant pager with them, it’s their cell phone.
Mobile Matradee is a web hosted service you access through a web browser, via web enabled POS, tablets or an Apple iTouch. Other than the equipment used to access a broadband connection there is no capital equipment investment ($3,000 – $8,000) in a pager system or server. Nor is there licensing fees or pager replacement costs.

You simply inform your patrons you will use their cell number to text them or call them when their table is ready. It’s that simple! (Equipment financing is also available through Mobile Matradee™).

Mobile VIP™is our SMS (text) mobile rewards module. Following dinner you can send a text message to your guests thanking them for their patronage, along with a text coupon to enticing them to come back again. SMS campaigns have a 95% read rate and 15% to 20% response rate.  Mobile VIP assures you a return on investment unlike any other restaurant pager system or reservation system.  Visit http://mobilevip.biz to learn more.

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