What do Guest think of Mobile Matradee?

Consistent guest feedback over the years has been overwhelmingly  positive. Mobile Matradee has a “cool factor” and guests look forward to getting a text or voice notification. More importantly they like the freedom to go to the bar or roam around the property while they wait.  

What equipment is required?

Just about any PC, Mac, POS or tablet that has access to broadband internet. No need to spend $3000 to $4000 on a pager system and if you have pagers they work with Mobile Matradee as well.

What kind of software do I need?

No software to load, license, maintain or upgrade. Mobile Matradee is a Software as a Solution (SaaS) accessed through any common browser using business class broadband or 4G network. 

Is Mobile Matradee compatible with all cell phones / carriers?

Mobile Matradee’s is compatible with all major cell phone handsets and carriers in North America as well as 140 carrier networks around the world.  

What if I lose internet connection at the restaurant or my computer/network goes down during a rush?

As a web hosted service you can log on to Mobile Matradee from any web enabled cell phone (3G or greater), i.e. iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, etc. and manage your wait list or reservation. Now that’s flexibility.

What if a guest doesn’t have a cell phone or a text plan?

8.5 out 10 American’s have a cell phone on them. Those who don’t have a cell phone can be handled the old fashion way by entering the party info into the digital wait list and asked check back with the host stand.  Those guests with out a text plan can receive a voice call notification.  

What’s the costs associated with Mobile Matradee?

Mobile Matradee is the most affordable and effective restaurant pager solution on the market.  Depending upon the volume of messages needed, Mobile Matradee is the equivalent in costs of replacing two quality restaurant guests pagers per month but without the hassle. The price includes a digital wait list or reservation system.
90% of guests either have a generous text plan or unlimited texting so the cost is minimal. Guests that choose not to get a text can receive a call instead at no charge. 

How difficult is it to learn to use Mobile Matradee, what does training consist of and how does it costs?

Mobile Matradee was designed by host staff and as a result it is super easy to learn and use.  The average learning curve is roughly 8 minutes and there is no cost for training. Mobile Matradee comes with an 8 minute training video or a live demo free of charge.

Can Mobile Matradee be useful for other service intensive businesses that requier managing a line or queue?

Mobile Matradee work great for any business looking for a queue management solution, particularly, retailers, universities, pharmacies, medical practices, hospitals and banks to name a few. Fulcrum Design specializes in SMS queue management systems. For more information visit http://fulcrumdesignllc.com or call us

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