The restaurant pager industry estimates the average restaurant guest pager replacement costs is a whopping $1,500 to $2,500 per year.  Just for guest pagers! The Return on investment using Mobile Matradee verse a restaurant pager system can be realized in both upfront capital acquisition savings as well as monthly and yearly savings.  Dave & Busters and Rafferty’s Restaurants have made the switch to Mobile Matradee how about you? Read “10 ten benefits of restaurant text pagers.”

Start up costs can be reduced by about 75% to 85%

  • Pagers loss will be decreased by greater than 100% ($70 to 0)
  • The ROI is less than 12 months
  • Includes wait list cue, call a head seating and voice / text guest notification.
  • No server or software to load or maintain on your PC or network
  • Guests have the ability to respond to the page when using a cell phone (i.e. click to call)

Reservation Matradee reduces no shows much more effectively than emails or phone calls. Reservation Matradee uses SMS text messaging to confirm reservations resulting in a dramatic increases response rates verse phone calls or emails enable you to more efficiently turning your tables without keeping your guests waiting.

Mobile VIP Text Marketing Loyalty ROI

  • Mobile coupon redemptions is 10 times higher than traditional coupons
  • Mobile campaigns averages better than a 20% response rates
  • 68.7 million American text message
  • 97% of all text messages are open, 83% are open and read within 1 hour
  • 90% of marketing emails are never read
  • SMS marketing is the single most direct marketing channel

Can your current restaurant pager system manage your wait list or reservations while increasing table turns, lowering operating costs and driving traffic to your door? It can’t but Mobile Matradee can and it costs less and guests love it! Review our white paper Restaurant Text Pagers A Cost Benefit Analysis. Call for a free trial 1(203)715-4780