People overestimate how long they have been waiting on line by as much as 36%

Occupied time (watching a TV, window shopping nearby or drinks at the bar) feels shorter than unoccupied time (standing in line waiting to be seated).

waiing line
Waiting on Line

M.I.T. operations researcher Richard Larson, widely considered to be the world’s foremost expert on lines (queuing), explains, the drudgery of unoccupied time, while waiting in line, negatively influence’s guest expectations. The uncertainty of their status while waiting in line magnifies negative emotional responses such as anxiety and stress.

Guest engagement, on the other hand, is a form of occupied time, creating a distraction from waiting. Interactive guest engagement that is designed to address the uncertainty of the wait without constantly distracting the host team. Digital automation creates an interactive experience between Matradee and your guest, providing peace of mind. For example, confirming guest is actually on the list, followed by guest status in the queue, for example, the guest’s current position in line and an automated text alerting the guest when their party is approaching the top of the list. Engaging with a guests on a wait can change a negative expectation into a positive financial experience.