Cheap restaurant pagers
Waitlist and Reservation App

Q Mobile Matradee 3.0, a front of the house, guest engagement waitlist optimization application.

Matradee Guest Management Design Upgrade
Mobile Matradee since 2009
Mobile Matradee Introduction

Return on Investment
Year One Equipment savings of $2,200 -$,3500 associated with pagers and pager transmitter.
No Prosperity Equipment – Leveraging the ubiquitous cell phone eliminates the ongoing replacement costs associated with coaster pagers.
Years One and ongoing savings. average annual coaster pager replacement costs $1,680

Guest Facing Engagement

Customer Journey Experience
Reduce abandonment, increase table turns with our automated virtual queue management system.
Don’t just notify your guests when their table is ready, Engage your guest while they wait using our innovative two SMS system.
Social mobile loyalty guest

Guest Management
Manage your waitlist or reservations dynamically to turn more tables.
Super user-friendly guest engagement user interface- A Customer flow management system designed for multiple users, during peak times.
Guest can interact dynamicly with waitlist using two SMS reply commands.

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