Mobile Matradee® is the industry’s only restaurant text pager system adopted by national chains such as Dave & Busters and Chili’s (Pepper Dinning).

Mobile Martradee’s restaurant pager and restaurant pager system alternative is more affordable that a typical restaurant pager system (they don’t walk away with your guests!). Mobile Matradee® is a restaurant pager that uses cell phones in lieu of a traditional restaurant pager system. Mobile Matradee® is a restaurant pager system that is affordable and effective while eliminating pager replacement costs. Mobile Matradee® provides a wait list management system, no need for pen and pagers.




Mobile Matradee® handles call a-head seating an offers a reservation system similar to Open Table. Mobile Matratee provides an integrate restaurant marketing platform through . Mobile Matradee® is the future of restaurant coaster pagers, you page or call the guest cell phone. Using the guest’s cell phone in lieu of a restaurant coaster pager assures you don’t lose your restaurant coaster pagers because you will no longer need them! Mobile Matradee’s affordable alternative to restaurant pagers systems reduces over head. Restaurant pager systems that use cell phones and text messaging are great for your guests, they enjoy the freedom and flexibility of using their own phone as a restaurant pager.

A wait list management system and table management solution is critical to your success, Mobile Matradee’s Wait List Matradee provides an integrated restaurant wait list management system via it’s table management solution. Mobile Matradee can integrate with your restaurant point of sales systems or restaurant POS. Restaurant POS usually don’t offer a restaurant pager system or restaurant wait list management solution.

Restaurant POS software is different from a restaurant pager system. Mobile Matradee provides an affordable restaurant pager system solution, restaurant marketing solution and a wait list / table management solution, all in one! Learn more at and visit our mobile queuing systems Email today to set up a 10 minute web demo